They say there are no stupid questions. That is definitely true when you are looking for the best injury attorneys in Colorado Springs for your case.

When you meet with lawyers you are considering hiring for your personal injury case, you should ask lots of questions.

Treat Your First Meeting Like a Job Interview

When you set up your free consultation, think of it as a job interview.  You are hiring someone to work for you.

Hire the right Colorado Springs accident and injury attorney and you stand a good chance of getting money in your pocket. Hire the wrong one, and you could be out of luck.

Asking questions is how you…

  • Learn the details of an attorney’s background, education, and experience.
  • Get a sense of how the lawyer will treat you throughout your case.
  • Find out whether you are talking to one of the best injury attorneys in Colorado Springs.

What to Ask Personal Injury Attorneys at Your First Meeting

When you first call or meet with a Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer, consider asking some or all of the following questions:

How long have you been practicing law? How long here in the Springs?

  • Do you practice personal injury law exclusively or do you also handle other types of cases?
  • How many matters similar to mine have you handled? Describe the results of those cases?
  • How many personal injury jury trials have you handled? Discuss the strategy and outcome?
  • What is your overall record in personal injury cases?
  • How much money have you recovered from your clients?
  • Will you be handling my case personally or will you be giving it to a different lawyer in your office?
  • How and when can I reach you if I have a question or concern?
  • Do you have references or former clients I can speak with?
  • What is your general approach to personal injury cases?
  • How long will it take before my case is over?
  • Do you ever turn down cases? Why?
  • How often will you give me updates on the status of my case?
  • Can you help me get medical care?
  • If I lose my case, will I owe you any attorney’s fees or costs?
  • If I win my case, how much will I owe you in fees and costs?
  • Get the Answers You Deserve

You need answers to all your questions.  Hence, you should expect the lawyer to take the time to provide them.

If the lawyer seems rushed, uninterested, annoyed, or impatient, they are not the right lawyer for your case.

In summary, here are the key factors you need to identify to ensure you have found the best injury attorney in Colorado Springs for you.

  1. Does the attorney focus on personal injury exclusively?
  2. Does the attorney have a long track record of success getting money for their injury clients?
  3. Will the attorney treat you with respect and patience?

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