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You’ve been in an accident. You’re injured, but you don’t know the full extent of those injuries. You do know that you’re in a lot of pain and can’t do the things you used to be able to do, at least for a while.

You know you are going to be off your feet and out of work for weeks, maybe much longer. You also know that your medical bills will keep piling up while you are simultaneously losing income from being off the job.

You’re also pretty sure the other driver was at fault for the accident, and now the other driver’s insurance company is offering you some money so long as you agree to not pursue any additional compensation from the driver.

You need that money to pay your growing stack of bills, support your family, and get the necessary help to take care of daily life and recover from your injuries.

You need to know whether taking the insurance company’s offer is a good move or whether you are getting nickel and dimed.

You need answers to a dozen different questions, including what you’re supposed to do next.

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You need to speak with experienced Colorado Springs accident and personal injury attorneys

Many Colorado Springs citizens who have been hurt in an accident don’t think they need a lawyer or a reluctant to call one.

There are many reasons injury victims like you make the unwise decision not to speak with accident and personal injury attorneys. The fact is that most of these reasons are based on false assumptions and mistaken beliefs:

You don’t think you’re hurt or that your injuries are so minor as not to be worth calling a lawyer.

After an accident, you may not know the full extent of your injuries. Sometimes, problems don’t become apparent until weeks, months, or years after the accident. If you don’t seek medical attention, or if you agree to a settlement with an insurance company based on the belief that you’re not that hurt, you could be out of luck when serious medical issues arise later.

Your lack of treatment could be used against you or you could lose your right to any compensation if you’ve already signed your rights away for an insurance settlement that doesn’t cover even a fraction of the medical costs you may now be facing.

Our team of personal injury attorneys can guide you as to the steps to take after an accident to preserve your rights, protect any claim, and prevent you from getting taken advantage of by greedy insurance companies.

You are not litigious and are reluctant to get involved in lawsuits and courtrooms and trials

It’s understandable that you may not want to get involved in a lawsuit. The thought of appearing on a witness stand, being cross-examined by a hostile attorney or having to put loved ones or others through that is less than appealing.

But the reality is that over 90% of all accident and personal injury lawsuits are settled or otherwise resolved before trial, making the chances of your case actually going all the way through a courtroom trial fairly minimal.

You are worried about paying attorney’s fees and other costs involved in a personal injury lawsuit

At King & Beaty, you will not pay a cent in attorney’s fees until and unless we obtain compensation for you. Additionally, we offer free initial consultations, so there is absolutely no cost or risk involved in calling us to discuss your case.

Time is of the essence, speak with our team of accident and personal injury attorneys now

The bottom line is that if you have any interest in obtaining compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence or reckless conduct, you need to work with a personal injury attorney near you.

The law is complicated, and proving the elements necessary to get compensation takes experience, skill, and a thorough understanding of the complex rules and procedures involved in personal injury lawsuits.

Additionally, insurance companies will try to pay you as little as possible or avoid paying you anything at all, believing they can take advantage of you or bully you into accepting a settlement far below what you are entitled to.

In fact, a study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) found that settlements for auto accident injury victims who had retained an attorney were 40 percent higher than the settlements negotiated by the victims themselves. You could literally be costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars by not hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Finally, the time for bringing a personal injury claim is limited, and sometimes the time limit can be extremely short. If you don’t hire a personal injury lawyer who knows these limits and can ensure that your claims are filed in time, you could lose your right to seek compensation altogether.

When you consider how much you could lose if you don’t hire experienced Colorado Springs accident and injury attorneys – and how much you could gain if you do – the question of whether you need a personal injury lawyer after an accident or injury has a pretty clear answer.

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