It is easy to explain to a young child what a firefighter does, or an astronaut, or a baseball player. But ask a young child, or most adults for that matter, what an accident injury lawyer does, and you may get a blank stare.

As a  top personal injury law firm in Colorado Springs, we work hard to do just one thing really well.  Keep reading to find out what that one thing is.

Our Mission Summed Up in One Word

The job of a Colorado Springs accident injury lawyer involves a lot of different things. But we can sum up everything we do in just one word: help.

We help Colorado Springs residents who are going through one of the worst times of their life.

Our accident injury lawyers help individuals dealing with lives turned upside-down by a serious and debilitating injury.

Our accident injury settlement expertise helps Colorado Springs families reeling from the loss of a loved one.

We help accident injury victims and their families get the compensation and resources that can help them recover after suffering injuries caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

Here are some of the ways we do that:

AN Accident Injury Lawyer Gets You Answers

At King & Beaty, we offer free accident injury consultations. The reason we do that is because we understand that after an accident, injury victims have lots of questions:

  • What am I supposed to do now?
  • How will I pay all of these medical bills, especially since I can’t work?
  • Do I have a claim against the other driver?
  • Should I accept the offer the other driver’s insurance company made me?

With all of those worries, the last thing we want is for injury victims to worry about attorney’s fees.

We don’t want you to be afraid to pick up the phone and call us because you’re worried about how much it will cost.

In fact, not only do we offer free initial consultations, we don’t require any compensation from you whatsoever.

We pay for our services for your entire case out of the injury settlement we obtain for you.

Initial Case Evaluation and Investigation

When we first meet with a Colorado Springs accident injury victim, we will get as much information as possible about the accident.

Once we get a clear picture of what happened to you and why our accident injury lawyer can make an initial determination about whether you have a possible claim. We will advise you of your options, which may include the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.

If you decide to hire us as your accident injury lawyer, we will immediately begin to take steps to protect your rights and strengthen your claim.

We will gather and preserve evidence. Our attorneys and staff will reach out to witnesses, police officers, and others to get their statements and reports as to your accident.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

If the driver who injured you has insurance, as required by Colorado law, his or her insurance company will be the ones handling your claim. If you file a lawsuit, the insurer will be the one providing a lawyer for the other driver.

Before and during any accident injury lawsuit, the insurance company will do everything they can to either deny your claim or make you a lowball offer to try and get the case over with on the cheap.

The goal of all insurance companies to maximize profits, not to be your “good neighbor.”

The insurance company knows the injury victims need money. They will try to take advantage of a victim’s vulnerability, desperation, and lack of understanding of their rights. That is why you should never negotiate with an insurance company without an accident injury lawyer.

Insurance companies and their tactics don’t intimidate or fool the personal injury attorneys at King and Beaty.

Rather, we make it clear that our accident injury lawyers are prepared to go to the mat for their client to reach a fair and appropriate settlement.

If the insurance company fails to make a fair offer, we may file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

Filing an Accident Injury Lawsuit

Once we file a lawsuit, it is still possible to reach a settlement, but it may take a lot of time and lots of further work before that happens.

During the lawsuit, your accident injury lawyer will engage in “discovery.” This means exchanging documents and other evidence and taking depositions of the parties and witnesses.

We may also take the depositions of the doctors that treated you and other experts who may produce reports well.

If the parties have disputes about how discovery is going, they may need to fight it out in court.

The discovery process is one of the main reasons accident injury lawsuits can take so long. But it is often the key to winning a case or getting the insurer to agree to a large settlement.

Settlement or Trial

Even if the lawsuit appears headed for trial, your King & Beaty accident injury lawyer will continue to try to reach a settlement. Most personal injury lawsuits do end in a negotiated agreement.

If no settlement is reached with the insurance company, then your case will go to trial.

Preparing for trial is a big job, and conducting the trial is equally intense. But that is what you hired your lawyer to do.

If you choose the right Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer, they will have the skill and commitment to do everything in their power to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Are you researching Colorado Springs accident injury lawyers?

If you or a loved one is suffering from an accident injury due to someone else’s negligence, then you should research the Colorado Springs personal injury law firms.  There are a lot of them.

Here is a list of questions you should ask each injury attorney you speak with.

We’d love to speak with you about your accident.  Call King & Beaty now to schedule your free consultation. You will speak directly with Trent King or David Beaty or possibly both.  During this first meeting, they will advise you if you have a case.

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